domingo, 24 de abril de 2011

Plastic arts of High level

It even shapes “hunger and unemployment”, said in the UNAM



By: Ana María Longi

Publisher: Juan Carlos Martínez

When Leonardo Nierman sends to the fabric a curveada symphony of red, yellow, blue or green; the painter suggesting, perhaps, the intensity of a romance; the indescribable destruction of a macroworld; the fury of the ardent lava ocean; the mysterious appearance of a navigator without compass; or, in most surprising of the cases, “the hunger and unemployment by means of abstract palpitations”.
And with blue the deep one of his eyes it also thought: “It worries to Me, in the same way, that it is spoken as much of the End of the World for the 2012. I consider an act of supreme arrogance to assure it or to suppose it. Interviewed person by the Agency the International the Informative Runner within recently rejuvenated Nezahualcóyotl Room, the artist clarified in press conference, that the decoding of a plastic emotional project, does not constitute, evasion or distance.
“My project, has been a constant revaloración. Mine it is love, fullness, tool, energy, fight open, are present at, fire. In opposition to emptiness, indifference, abandonment, pain, weakness. My painting is, could be said, my more reliable light source against any dark. It also can be, the definitive companion of my condition of observer than it is: Culture, society, ecology, education, economy, science, technology, in short, what is, related to my country, my planet or my universe.
The painter, sculptor - and once violinista-, also expressed “gratefulness towards my mother country. A deep gratitude. I believe that we must feel gratitude towards everything. To the Earth in which we were born; the one that produces the foods that we eat. In aim. To be thankful, in my case in never living with persecutions, aggressions or fear, and that thanks for much. In addition, that falls the Mexican well to me. Because although one meets us like children the New Spain, I believe that the Spanish part corresponds to the one of the South. The Andalusian. The one that has in cajuela of its car a guitar, instead of a spare part rim. And that I like. I like his character. I like his food. There is no that atosigante ambition that exists in other countries. That competition against people that nor you know. The Mexican, is an individual philosophically intoned well to the life”.
Nierman adds with smoothness, that of the defects of Mexico would not wish to speak, “because for that they are the newspapers, that they have to us harrased with so many signallings. But nobody promised a carpeted life to us; although in general terms yes fodder that the ingredient that it needs, mainly to many personages of being able, is that affection, that passion by Mexico. Mexico, truly needs, simply, to be loved -, by its governors. And good, to Galileo they bothered much because it insisted that the Earth was round. And to top it all, that gave returns. What we are living is one of the returns that the Earth gives, the world and the man. It is like a wheel of the fortune, sometimes is one down. It suddenly begins to raise.
Everything is beautiful, the landscape from above, the lights, the sounds of the merry-go-rounds, and that generosity that lasts only moments for, later, to begin to lower, and to lower. And clear, at this moment, unfortunately, it was called on to us to live in the low part. what it hurts to me much is the one of unemployment. I believe that unemployment is a terrible situation. Because all the evils inspires possible. It unties them. A man with hunger is able of any thing”.
Leonardo Nierman, spoke with simplicity on the “end of world 2012”: I create, explains, that would be an act of “deep arrogance, supposition that a planet that takes million years in circulation, is going away to finish in our period of life. This is frankly very arrogant. I do not believe that one finishes and if this happened, most calculable is than it will be many years after our burial. Although what yes it is more foreseeable they are our cultural actions. A phenomenon very related to our Economy. Because in a country where the minimum wage is limited 54 pesos daily, it cannot have leftovers for books, discs, spectacles. Preséntenme to a lady's man who with 4 or 5 dollars daily, can maintain a family. And although the Meter is cheap and is certain food subsidy, must pay the rent, the light, the shoes and more cannot be asked because there are no leftovers for cultural subjects. We are useful then to maximum the cultural valves like channels 11, 22 and 40 among others”, were brief the Nierman artist.

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