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La Rosalía Cried at a Great Flamenco Performance in the Zócalo, the México City

 La Rosalía Cried at a Great Flamenco Performance in the Zócalo, the México City Hugged Dr. Simi and Gave Away Catalan Talent

By Alberto Esteves Arreola, Aitana Maldonado and Luis Cárdenas Escobar
La Rosalía, talented star of San Esteban Sesrovitas, Barcelona, ​​took over the Zócalo, itself and captivated the fans with touches of flamenco, guitar, singing, song and poetic composition of four lines.
The motorcycle rigids and their group of dancers alerted emotions.
"I'm going to Germany, I want to die," dictated the theme, illuminating his musical hit "Catalina", which reads like this... "Put my hand here...Catalina". The general shouting exploded all the time and it is that La Rosalía is a singer-songwriter
 of lineage dominating the Palos of flamenco.
Technology and color adorn the stage when «Motomami» performed «Diablo». She is not comparable to the immense Pastora Pavón from Seville, "The girl with the combs" who was the best singer in history. But Rosalía, if she is a winner, an idol of youth. Rosalía is now the daughter of the world.
And as a prolific artist, he uses rhythms like Bachata or Regetoneando, which some don't like; however, it is part of his success. Because she is a clean girl from Barcelona, ​​where Catalan and its tradition have always reigned culturally.
Songs and beautiful music and a happy youthful crowd, the green-eyed girl brought us, and she gave us that beautiful song "badly" her first Hit Parade where she warns the love that she rejected, "...I'm not going to think about you for a minute» and it is a song that narrates the Omen of her death in an accident where she is run over.
At times, Rosalía puts into her sings the memory of other great Spanish singers such as Aurora Vargas "Chicoli" or Estrella Morente and the enormous Rocío Jurado, her voice and her songs.
La Rosalía, fell in love with Mexico, when she hugged a nice Dr. Simi doll, on stage, that the photojournalist Aitana Maldonado threw at her. And the fans shouted because she likes that doll that Mr. Víctor Manuel González Torres created, an astute, noble, beloved and highly admired businessman, for being the Tsar of similar medicines that have helped the people of Mexico.
Returning to La Rosalía, her virtue is to create great versions of a simple song with the Flamenco and the urban. She is the notable winner of several Grammy Awards and demonstrated why she is today a musical figure of unlimited talent, she is a Lyric Soprano, who also looked impressive when she performed " crybaby
" a Cappella with sublime moments, although that theme belongs at its best Doña Chavela Vargas and that unique gift to interpret like nobody else.
Good for the youthful celebrity of Europe being Spanish, because it had been a long time since an artist from the Motherland had not swept that temper on stage as if a brave Bullfighter, who loves his profession where he exposes his entire being.
Rosalía sang for only an hour and minutes and left without saying goodbye to the public there at night where AMLO @claudiashein Cuaz's corcholata was! What A Concert.

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